vintage Calgary, 1976-1981

I did some googling ((DuckDuckGoing? that's not a thing yet, is it?)) on Michael Betzler, who was the director on the previous skateboarding documentary. Looks like he now is/was director at the olympic media consortium. Before that, he was involved in this bit of awesomeness. I would have been the same age as my son is now, when this footage was shot. Wow. My dad had his insurance agency in the Lougheed Building downtown, so I would have been down there pretty regularly. [Read More]

2013 Tour of Alberta

Evan and I headed downtown for the finish of Stage 5 of the Tour of Alberta (along with several thousand others). What an amazing event, and a fantastic finish. Hopefully this isn't just a one-off - it would be incredible to see it come back next year, with some mountain stages (the 1 mountain stage that had been planned was rerouted because of the June flooding in Alberta - hopefully next year's route would include a stage over Highwood Pass and maybe through the Rockies). [Read More]

Big box social engineering in Calgary | Calgary Herald

via Big box social engineering in Calgary | Calgary Herald. These stores also impede the economic viability of smaller format retail. There is only so much consumer demand to go around and therefore in communities where large format retail is present, the feasibility of a community main street is annihilated by design. [caption id="attachment_12193" align="alignright" width="476"] Layout of my community. Central Commercial Zone (and big box retailer) in red. [Read More]

traffic quiz

When driving in an active school zone, with school buses and kids in the area, you find yourself behind a cyclist. He is only going 35km/h in the marked 30km/h zone, and is riding in the middle of the lane (the other lane is for parking, and has cars and buses etc... along it). What do you do? a) Realize that you are speeding, slow down to 30km/h, and continue as though nobody shat in your breakfast. [Read More]

occupy calgary

Evan and I headed downtown for some hanging-out time this afternoon, and stumbled into the #occupyCalgary protest. I knew something was planned, but had half-forgotten that it was going down this weekend. We stopped for awhile, watching the protest. He wasn't scared at all - there was no feeling of anything unsafe, even with over a thousand people crammed into a square, chanting and waving signs. There were a couple dozen police officers in full gear, but they were there mostly to make sure everyone was OK. [Read More]

riding through bearspaw in autumn

I got the chance to go for a quick bike ride this afternoon, and headed out west of our house, into the Bearspaw region. Some really nice rural roads for riding, and gorgeous scenery. One stretch of road has a very steep and longish hill, and I occasionally try to see how fast I can go down it. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating, and I only got up to 67km/h. [Read More]