riding through bearspaw in autumn

I got the chance to go for a quick bike ride this afternoon, and headed out west of our house, into the Bearspaw region. Some really nice rural roads for riding, and gorgeous scenery. One stretch of road has a very steep and longish hill, and I occasionally try to see how fast I can go down it. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating, and I only got up to 67km/h. Still, total fun, but not quite what I was shooting for. The wind did line up to make some really fun stretches of open road. Hill climbing into the wind, which is way more fun than it sounds. And fast flat stretches - cruising along at 48km/h on a flat highway is a blast. After that, some quick bopping around roads to the northwest of the city, and then back to ride around our community before heading home.

IMG 5192
IMG 5193
IMG 5197
IMG 5199
IMG 5202
IMG 5203
IMG 5204
IMG 5206
IMG 5207
IMG 5208
IMG 5209

I love this time of year.

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