BarCamp/DemoCamp Calgary!

I didn't think Calgary was ready for this, but apparently I was wrong. Thanks to an email from Sami, I see that the first ever BarCamp Calgary is scheduled to take place on May 26, 2007, at the University of Calgary main campus. This is a type of event I've REALLY wanted to have here in Calgary, and it's great to see there are a whole bunch of people interested in making it happen. Looking at the list of Campers on the event page, I only recognize a couple of the names. Maybe the Calgary blogosphere is more robust than Ive been guessing?

BarCamp Calgary

I'm unsure if I'll be able to attend (between family work schedules involving Saturdays, and Evan's soccer games) but I'll try to at least drop in to see what's going on.

Very cool stuff.

DemoCamp There's also a DemoCamp planned as well - TONIGHT, no less. I'm less sure about how cool/uncool that event might be - sounds like a Vendor Fair mixed with The Gong Show... I won't be able to check this one out, but hopefully someone blogs it.

It's great to see this kind of unconference stuff starting to happen in Cowtown. Maybe there's hope for this burg yet...

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