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  • GoHugo (version 0.127.0) static website generator (run on macOS, via homebrew)
  • Customized theme, forked from Beautiful Hugo
  • Javascript search (Powered by self-hosted Flexsearch, with JSON index generated by Hugo, integrated based on the search functionality in the Hugo Book theme)
  • rsync to upload the generated website
  • Cyberduck ftp/sftp transfer


The combination results in a pretty high-performing website, as calcuated by PageSpeed Insights on March 19, 2024:

PageSpeed Performance, as of March 19, 2024. 100% Performance, 100% Accesibility, 100% Best Practices, 100% SEO.


This site has moved between a growing list of content management applications. There may have been some weirdness through some of the migrations/conversions.

  • (forgotten Perl? blog app1) - 2001
  • Blosxom - 2002 (static files published to Apple iTools/.Mac server)
  • MovableType - 2002-2003
  • Blosxom - 2004
  • WordPress - 2004-2006
  • Drupal - 2006-2007
  • WordPress - 2007-2019
  • Hugo - 2019-

blog timeline, as of 2007

Blog timeline, as of 2007

  1. The dot-com bubble had burst, and I was working on some consulting projects out of my home while also trying to learn some new skills to make me more employable. It was something in Perl - I vaguely remember having to get MacPerl to get it running - but I don’t recall for sure. It came on a 2001 MacAddict CD-ROM (they used to ship CD-ROMs full of software back before the internet had enough bandwidth to distribute software through it…) ↩︎