Hot. Damned hot.

Woah. What a heat wave we've had the last couple of days. No doubt about global warming any more. This was taken outside my house in NW Calgary about 10 minutes ago (just before 3:30pm):

That's 47.2?C or 117?F. Odds are, the temperature will rise a bit more in the late afternoon heat.

47.2?C. In Calgary. Canada. My igloo is melting. It's 29?C inside, with all fans running at full blast. No AC, because it's not worth the cost for the 1 week per year it's needed.

But, at 15% humidity, at least it's a dry heat. Ouch! Alan, that hurt!

Oh, and I realize I'm dabbling in the banal again. Screw it. It's my blog, dammit. And it's hot outside.

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