Open letter to my prospective political representatives

I've grown to feel completely disenfranchised as a Canadian citizen, at all levels of government. I've tried voting with my head. I've tried voting with my heart. Every election, I feel as though my vote is wasted. So, now I'm trying something different.

With the civic election next month, and with what will hopefully be a federal election in the next few months, I've decided to base my vote on a single issue.

The candidate that puts forth the best set of policies and plans to most improve bicycle infrastructure will get my vote. I don't care what party they're with. I don't care if they're new to politics or are a 40 year veteran.

Show me how you will make bicycles a safer form of every day transportation. Show me the infrastructure and support you will create. Show me the legal strategy and social policies that will make it possible, even preferred, to use non-motorized transportation on a regular basis.

Then you'll have my support, and my vote.

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