TILT Episode 002 – Richard Zach and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc introduce OERs

As part of Open Education Week at the University of Calgary, Richard Zach and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc gave a presentation to introduce the concept of OERs, where to find them, and how to make them. Lots of love sent to BCCampus’ Open Textbook initiative and Pressbooks.

TILT Episode 001 – Brian Lamb and RRU’s LRNT 525 class

It’s time to kick off the Taylor Institute Learning Technologies (TILT) podcast series. I was fortunate to be invited to chat with Brian Lamb and Royal Roads University’s LRNT 525 class, nominally to talk about institutional change management and decision making, but it turned into a wide-ranging discussion of innovation and the tension between creativity and enterprise-scale.

ps. I’ll be moving these podcasts onto UCalgary media servers, once that’s a thing. For now, self-hosting to get things started…

pps. Some of the links mentioned in the webcast:

Testing podcast hosting – hello, world!

A test podcast episode, chock full of interesting hello-worldly goodness. Likely, to self destruct once I see how this PodLove plugin works… Looks like the “episode” content type behaves nicely on my site, bypassing the “ephemerator” plugin, and presenting a handy web player. Nice.