volumetric video of a (jazz) performance

For my PhD research, I've been bouncing ideas around for how to volumetrically capture a performance or classroom session in 3D, and then layer on additional contextual data (interactions between participants, connections, info from dramaturgy, info from SoTL, etc.). This NEBULA experimental jazz video by Marcin Nowrotek kind of gets at some of what's in my head. Imagine this, showing a group of students collaborating in an active learning session, and instead of notes/percussion visualizations, some kind of representation of how they are interacting etc… Also, since it's all in 3D, imagine being able to interact with the recording in 3D using fancy goggles. [Read More]

WordPress Super Cache

I've been using the WP-Cache 2 plugin for some time, as it offers pretty effective file-based caching of WordPress pages to help reduce the load on the database server and reduce page generation time. But the plugin has kind of languished without any real updates for months(?) or years(?). Donncha O Caoimh, the WordPress guru who's name I'll never be able to pronounce, released an updated and refined caching plugin called WP-Super-Cache, based on the great start offered by WP-Cache 2. [Read More]

WordPress Performance Tuning

My blog often has fits of sucktacular performance. After digging around, and bugging DreamHost support for some ideas, I've made some progress. I had been running wp-cache to enable file-based caching, thinking that would help optimize performance of the site (fewer database calls should equal better performance) - except that DreamHost apparently uses NFS-mounted storage for accounts. As a result, filesystem access is a bit laggy, so the file-based caching was actually (apparently) slowing the site down (as suggested by 4+1 ways to speed up wordpress). [Read More]