manuscripts – the humorous magistrate

English class, studying a play from a manuscript source document.

17th century theatre + literature

took 10 years of work to prepare an interpretation of the manuscript to mount a performance

  • Manuscript converted to actor’s script
  • background – all info as context – period info…
  • production
  • analysis of space

Dramaturg – text/production experts to support director

Designers – set, costumes, props, sound, lighting, music composition, fighting/action, choreography…

Maquette – scale model of stage to refine plans. How could this be used for learning?

One of the goals of final rehearsals is confidence building – reflection and guidance to improve performance.

“over-teaching an actor” – becomes too cerebral. They “get into their head” and can’t act/perform because they’re freaking out and analyzing rather than living in the moment. “If you are in mental mode, you can’t act.” – This fits with teaching and learning, too…

“Sculpture of a play” – 3D environment as experienced by performers and audience – scenographic documentation of this?

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