progression of complexity in performance

in order of increasing complexity and unscriptedness / improvisation:

  1. monologues
  2. dialogues
  3. multi-actor performances
  4. small group project work
  5. multiple group project work

Progression from simple, scripted performance to complex, dynamic, unscripted, improvised, open-ended.

How does the complexity of a performance affect how it is perceived? Recorded? Interpreted?

What role does the portfolio model have in each type of performance? And what kinds of critical reflection can take place?

Why start with monologue?

  • short duration
  • simple environment – little/no set or backdrop
  • scripted
  • practiced and repeated many times
  • feedback on performance is important to the performer
  • individual – only one performer
  • same script can be used by different actors for comparison – or different script with the same actor
  • may try to adjust performance each time – focus on tone, delivery, body position, movement, etc…
  • iterative – start basic and add to the performance over time
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