NW Calgary Bicycle Commute Timelapse

A 15km ride from UofC to Deepest NW Calgary - only a couple of blocks worth of marked bicycle lanes, and a couple km of separated pathways. I used a helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 4 Silver set to shoot a 4K timelapse with frames recorded every second, played back at 30fps. Nice.

september highwood pass ride

easily the hardest bike ride I've ever done. Not the longest, but over 1000m of climbing, with constant headwinds. Awesome. So much fun. And ouch. We started 25km further out ((from Boundary Ranch)) than our usual Highwood Pass route ((starting at the North Gate)), so the ride was about 50km longer than usual. I wound up snapping a spoke and getting a flat less than 3km from the cars. And Anthony got 2 flats within 1km of each other, near the summit. [Read More]

quick ride to cochrane

For my morning ride, I headed west on 1A to Cochrane, to take on the epic hill. Beautiful morning for a ride…

IMG 8055IMG 8056IMG 8061IMG 8063

That dip in the middle is the Cochrane hill. About 200m of elevation over just 3km. It's a fun climb :-)

TT solo

Had a sudden chance to head out for a quick ride to prep for the gran fondo. Good ride! I kind of zoned out for a bit and missed the turn onto Bearspaw Road, but got an extra hill climb in as a result. :-)








bike ride through springbank and cochrane

Went for a really good bike ride with @ppival this morning, starting near the Springbank airport, heading out toward Bragg Creek, then back to Cochrane and Springbank. Lots of hills. Not ugly countryside, either… (photos are a bit wonky, because I was shooting with my iPhone, without stopping, on a ride that averaged 28km/…)

IMG 7533
IMG 7536
IMG 7539
IMG 7540
IMG 7541
IMG 7543
IMG 7546
IMG 7552
IMG 7554
IMG 7555
IMG 7556

2012 Highwood Pass climb

The second annual climb for our growing group. Not a long ride (only 18km from the west winter gate to the summit), but a hell of a lot of climbing - 629 meters (2063 feet) climbed over those 18km. Awesome.

riding through bearspaw in autumn

I got the chance to go for a quick bike ride this afternoon, and headed out west of our house, into the Bearspaw region. Some really nice rural roads for riding, and gorgeous scenery. One stretch of road has a very steep and longish hill, and I occasionally try to see how fast I can go down it. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating, and I only got up to 67km/h. [Read More]