WebObjects 5.2.3 Update ate my StartupItem

Just updated CAREO to WebObjects 5.2.3 (and MacOSX Server 10.3.3, Java 1.4.2). All appears to have gone well, except the WebObjects StartupItem got eaten. Empty. nada.

I copied the working one over from my laptop, and all's well. Caveat emptor. Yadda yadda.

UPDATE: Yup. Just updated commons.ucalgary.ca, and it borked the WebObjects StartupItem as well. I had tarred the previous one, so it was just a matter of tar -xf WebObjects.tar to get it back, but it makes me wonder what else might be messed up...

For the record, I applied the update to 3 machines (my test iMac, CAREO, and Commons), and the StartupItem was erased on all 3. Everything else appears to be OK, though...

UPDATE 2: Filed it in Radar, as bug #3591338

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Last updated: May 24, 2023