2016 week 47 in review

So… after a year-long hiatus from doing this weekly review thing, I'm thinking it's time to start it back up. I'm not sure what the format should be…


We hosted the (fourth?) TI Learning Spaces lunch session, to help bring together instructors who are teaching in the TI so they can share what they're doing. This month's topic was assessment - how do you assess learning in a flexible space, with active learning and a strong focus on student agency? Lots of great ideas from the instructors - and TI staff - who participated in the session. And we're all looking forward to a gala dance in the forum next semester as part of a course on Jane Austen…

First year education students had a digital poster fair on Friday. 160+ students, 2 months into their program at university, sharing academic poster presentations. Amazing. The energy in the room was incredible, and students were commenting on how much fun it was. Wow. 2 months into my undergrad program, there's no way I could have done what they did. Students are so incredibly capable and engaged. One student was Facetime-ing into the session from Montreal, where he had just finished practice to prepare for the Vanier Cup game the next day.

From an event-support standpoint for the poster session, we raised 2 Skyfold walls (AB and BC) to combine Learning Studios A, B and C, and moved most of the tables and chairs out of the way to leave the combined learning studios open for students to move between the collaboration carts. Student groups were assigned a station (with a station number indicated by a sticker placed on top of the metal cart number signs - protip: don't use stickers for this). We had the room set up in less than 30 minutes, and it took about the same time to reset it to "normal" afterward. Many hands, yadda yadda. Go team!

EDUC poster sessions


I went to a CMD lunch presentation by Naithan Bosse, on interactive soundscapes. Lots of interesting ideas and examples for incorporating binaurally spatialized sound to locate it in 3 dimensional space, and to connect it to other locations/times/people. It can become a form of audio augmented reality, or collaborative co-composing.


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