Up for air

I'm popping up for air, and seeing that a whole lot of stuff has been going on...

I've been under a heavy load of artificial urgency - and just recently realized that things are actually progressing quite well despite it all. Lately, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep this artificial urgency in perspective - things seem so darned important and demand immediate attention. Whether they deserve it or not - that filter has apparently been disabled. I wonder if there's some kind of Bayesian filter for external (meaning "outside of my skull") demands ;-) A friend pointed out that I've been in a dark, dark place lately. Time to fix that.

The Learning Commons website was just revamped, with a much easier layout (you can actually FIND stuff now!).

The migration from CAREO to APOLLO marches on, with significant interest from a metric boatload of folks, some of whom actually want to collaborate (yay!).

I've been working on a "learning object metadata editor" as an APOLLO app - it's basically a generic XML editor, that can be fed some XPaths for editing in a form-based interface on a web page. It's working quite well in my little sandbox, but it's not ready to be released into the wild quite yet. It's basically the only thing holding us back from throwing the switch from CAREO to APOLLO, though...


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Last updated: March 01, 2024