We're still in the planning stages for the next version of the software that runs CAREO and friends.

This would be a Good Time to send in wish lists for things that you would like a learning object repository to do, things you like/dislike/can't stand about the current version of CAREO, or even (especially) Pie-In-The-Sky wishes/dreams about what you would like to see.

Ideally, feature requests would point toward making the software more usable in a real-life context (i.e., "This is what it will take for me to use LO Repositories in the classroom..." etc...)

Anything goes. If you can, attach a priority to the request (I MUST HAVE... I would kinda like... etc..)

Feel free to post requests in the comments section here, or send them in by email or AIM/iChatAV.

Note, this is similar to an earlier request I made, which focussed on the server software side of things. Here, I'm more concerned with functions/features/interface from a user's perspective.