Interview: UCalgary's What the Tech Podcast

What the Tech?The UCalgary Department of Computer Science has been publishing a great podcast series called What the Tech? It’s intended as a way to share some of the work being done by faculty members and grad students, and covers a pretty wide range of topics. I was asked to be on the show to talk about learning technologies, innovation, and some of the things I’m going to be working on for my PhD research.

Paolo Sabater and Lyndon Ando are really good hosts, and it’s great to see students being involved with hosting, producing, and in my case, being interviewed for the podcast.

In this episode we talk to D’Arcy Norman, manager of the Learning Technologies group in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, as well as a PhD candidate in the UCalgary Computational Media Design program. Today, we discuss what the tech is up with Ed-Tech (Educational Technologies), and how crucial technology is in the current landscape of teaching and learning.

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