Trying out Wordpress 1.5

So, I bit the bullet and migrated my weblog from Wordpress 1.2.2 to Wordpress 1.5 Alpha (the nightly build from January 9, 2005). Woah. That sounds scary! Not really... The nightly alphas are surprisingly stable, and I tested stuff out on my laptop before making the jump on the server.

The main plugins I use work fine, so there should be no issues there. The only thing that should be visibly different is the lack of the second line of the cheesy subtitle in the header of the site. Wordpress 1.5 appears to not like html tags there, so the
tag was being displayed as source... Oh, well. Probably for the better anyway...

So, if it isn't visibly different than 1.2.2, why change? Well, I wanted to mess around with the implementation of RSS enclosures that's being baked into WP 1.5, and I wanted to play around with the new concept of Themes (if you've followed the development of CAREO, this should sound oddly familiar :-) )

UPDATE: Sorry for polluting your aggregator with all the updated entries! Looks like 1.5 handles character mapping (quotes and apostrophes into entities, etc...) differently.

UPDATE: Enclosures are supported just fine, but you need to add the info about them in a "custom field" with key "enclosure" and value following this pattern:

Where the first line is the URL of the enclosed file, the second line is the size of that file (in bytes) and the third line is the MIME type of the file.

It'd be nice if this was done automagically... It seems to automatically pick up image enclosures OK, but skips audio...

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