debugging the text editor in sharepoint

tl dr; run IE in 32-bit mode. Seriously. I know. That's what I said, too. I've been using Sharepoint 2007 ((yeah. I know. not a fan of Sharepoint either. but it currently pays my mortgage, so I suck it up and use it.)) ((also, yes, we're running software that's 5 years old. it's kind of a pattern we have on campus. we're working to update it, hopefully soon, but yeah… our version of Blackboard is about 6 years old, too…)) with my group, to share information about groups and projects on campus. [Read More]

Parallels wins

I'd mentioned recently how I've been using Crossover to run Internet Explorer for Windows from my MacBook Pro, without having to install Windows. That works rather well, but doesn't give much flexibility - only a relatively small subset of applications run under Crossover. Today, I downloaded the MacWorld-announced Parallels Release Candidate, and grabbed a WinXP SP2 install CD. It took about 2 hours to get Windows installed and updated, but once that was done, Parallels is pretty darned cool. [Read More]

Crossover for MacOSX

Alan posted about the grief he's been having with running Windows on his MacBook Pro. He rarely fires up Windows, but when he does, it's a painful and ugly process. The last recommended updates just hosed his Windows install. Again. But, there's a better way. Crossover for Mac - it's a polished commercial version of the open source Wine tool/library which provides a way to run Windows applications in MacOSX without having to install Windows. [Read More]

Microsoft Live - Designed by Fisher Price

Holy. Crap. If there is any reason to avoid software designed by this group of people, it's likely this slide: Photo by Niall Kennedy Now, I'm really not trying to slag the fine folks at Fisher Price Toys, but man, this presentation (and WinXP, and other MS stuff) simply has to have been born at the toy company, rather than the largest/most mature software company on the planet. I mean - can they fit any more information into the slide? [Read More]