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long beach

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rainbow harbour

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LA food truck tacos

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on academic travel

The muslim ban executive order was a wakeup call. It's now a different world, and we need to take the time to think through what the implications are. Personally, I'd probably be largely unaffected. I'm a middle-aged white male with no visible signs of dissent. Well. I have a beard. But I could probably continue travelling to the US without much trouble. But. I work with people who would be directly challenged by this....

January 31, 2017 · 2 min


We drove up to Jasper National Park for a few days of relaxation in the mountains. I played around with shooting video on the iPhone, and wound up with this (shot on the iPhone, and edited in Mobile iMovie):

August 26, 2010 · 1 min

Arrived in Logan

The Edtech krëw just wrapped up an epic day of travel to make the pilgrimage to Logan, Utah for the Open Education 2007 conference. So far, Utah's been interesting. The people are all very nice, and the scenery is great. Unfortunately, most of the scenery we had the chance to actually spend time enjoying was the inside of SLC, and the almost-dark-moonlit-mountains on the drive north to Logan. The Good Reverend was decidedly quiet, and Scott was gracious enough to drag our freeloading carcasses along in his gigantor rented van....

September 26, 2007 · 1 min

I'm going to Utah!

My travel for the 2007 Open Education conference in Logan, Utah was approved. I've never been to Open Education, but it sounds like an amazing event. And, to top it off, I get to present with Jim, hang out with Brian and Scott, and meet David in person. I still need to figure out the logistics - there aren't any direct flights from Calgary to Logan, so I guess I'll fly to Salt Lake City and hitchhike the rest of the way....

August 9, 2007 · 1 min

Back in town

We got back into Calgary early this morning (possibly the last flight to land at YYC for the night). Maui is great. A little more developed than I'd have liked (CostCo™ and Wal-Mart™ don't fit into my ideal mental image of relaxing tropical islands) but we had a blast nonetheless. Photos are now on Flickr, and I will try to do a braindump about the trip so I don't forget the details....

March 20, 2007 · 2 min

... and back online

Got back from Peachland last night. Had a great week relaxing in Okanogan wine country - even though the lake was too cold to actually go into the water. That was a bit tortuous for Evan, but he adapted OK. Thankfully, there were LOTS of rocks to throw into the water... I wound up taking way too many photographs - probably took 1000 shots, nuking 90% of them and really liking only about half of the survivors....

October 16, 2006 · 1 min