UofC Collaborating for Learning Conference 2013

The Teaching & Learning Centre at the University of Calgary is putting on a conference on May 15-16 2013, intended to bring together people who are interested in collaboration for learning (and teaching). Dr. Gary Poole is the keynote speaker, and the call for proposals is out (closing March 1 2013). Hopefully, we'll see a good mix of folks from various fields. (yes, I mean you. vain.)

February 4, 2013 · 1 min

Learning Community - Blogging and Student Publishing

We held our first gathering of the "Blogging and Student Publishing" learning community last week. It was a small, informal gathering - only a handful of profs were able to make it due to summer schedules, and another handful of staff. I think the small group was actually a very good thing for a first gathering, though, as the conversation was extremely engaging and dynamic - something that may have been lost in a larger group....

July 21, 2008 · 3 min

Cleaning up the Upcoming Events block in Drupal

We use the Events module to manage workshops here in the Teaching & Learning Centre, and use the “Upcoming Events” block to display the next few workshops on our website. Works great, but the default text leaves a bit to be desired. By default, it shows the event title, and “(2 days)” - which indicates that the event begins in 2 days. But, it could also mean that the event lasts for 2 days....

October 15, 2007 · 1 min

Drupal Debugging - Fun with CCK, Links and Token.module

I had to debug our TLC website this morning, as it was pointed out to me that parts were misbehaving, and that some content hadn't survived the upgrade from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.2. The missing content was easy, for the most part. It's just a matter of renaming the tables to use the content_TABLE format expected by the current CCK module. The exact table names that are expected are listed in the node_type table, under the "...

August 29, 2007 · 3 min

Fun with Drupal Upgrades

Our main Teaching & Learning Centre website runs on Drupal, with extensive use of CCK, Views, Events and Signup modules. The site had been running on the Drupal 4.7, with only security patches applied. But it was starting to act up (content was suddenly not showing up), so I decided to pull everything up to the current 5.2 line, with updated modules. It's an easy enough upgrade. When it works....

August 14, 2007 · 3 min

Job opening: Teaching Development Coordinator

Want to work at the Teaching & Learning Centre? We're hiring. It's a tenure track position, working on coordinating our major teaching workshops. photo by small ape

May 29, 2007 · 1 min

Workshop Ideas for 2007

In a recent project meeting, we were tossing around ideas for workshops to conduct in 2007, and I've taken on a series of topics that could be loosely described as "new tools and strategies". Here's the current short list of workshops I'm planning to develop (and later conduct) through the TLC. Any glaring omissions? Creative Commons (copyright and IP in general, and how they affect sharing and reusing available work) Flickr....

January 29, 2007 · 2 min

RSS on TLC Website

Since we switched to Drupal to power the department website recently, we're able to have RSS feeds to keep up to date on stuff as it gets added to the site. It hadn't been exposed previously, but I just took a few minutes to expose 3 of the "main" feeds for the site. I also used my blog within the site to describe what I'd done. My first non-hello-world blog post on our site (although only marginally non-hello-world, but still, it counts)....

November 9, 2006 · 1 min

TLC Website "fixed"

I just finished the first pass at "fixing" the TLC website. Now, it's not nearly as slick or effective, but is chock full of compliance. mmmm.... compliance... please, sir? may I have another?

November 6, 2006 · 1 min

Teaching & Learning Centre website now powered by Drupal

We just launched the new website for the Teaching & Learning Centre at The University of Calgary. It's been a long time in the making, with heavy use of themes, custom CCK content types, events, signups, views, and a bunch of other Drupal modules and tricks. King worked his usual magic in putting together the CSS for our theme, which uses the same HTML templates as the official www.ucalgary.ca site....

October 31, 2006 · 1 min