NW Calgary Bicycle Commute Timelapse

A 15km ride from UofC to Deepest NW Calgary - only a couple of blocks worth of marked bicycle lanes, and a couple km of separated pathways. I used a helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 4 Silver set to shoot a 4K timelapse with frames recorded every second, played back at 30fps. Nice.

constructioncam test

Just processed a quick time-lapse test, using the camera 1 that we installed to monitor construction of the new digs. This'll work nicely… Now, to test a few video hosting platforms, to see which one mangles the video the least… ** YouTube version: ** MediaCore version: ** Vimeo version: ** original H.263 .mov file also, holy smokes does YouTube compress video files, even at “HD” quality. yikes. [Read More]

Banff Timelapse

There's a webcam on the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff. It's an HD webcam - the first I've seen - and it's running 24/7/365. I've been running a script to grab every image for the last week (they only update every 5 minutes, so it's not that much data), and I periodically convert the stills into a timelapse movie. I just took a look at the timelapse for November 29, which was a pretty nice day here in Calgary. [Read More]