I've been planning to reboot this blog with a simplified theme, perhaps a magazine-type layout. I've decided to start with this Blue Zinfandel theme, and have started hacking on it. No more banner images. No more heavy design. Mandigo has served me well (as K2 did before that). But it's time for change. There may be some things missing for now, but it's time to simplify. Of course, now that Jen launched her new theme for her blog today, I'm just totally following her again. [Read More]

K2 Theme updated for WP 2.0

Michael just updated K2 to be WordPress 2.0-compliant. Looks like quite a few tweaks to the theme as well. There were two gotchas that I found. theloop.php has a stray character at the beginning of line 10. Just delete that character and all is well. (was solved in the comments on Michael's announcement post) Be sure to remove the old k2-options.php file so there isn't method collision as the php files are dynamically loaded. [Read More]
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