UCalgary conference on post-secondary learning and teaching

Our annual conference is coming up quickly - the call for proposals is open now (closing Feb 3, 2017 - less than a month away!). This is one of the things I'm most proud about. This conference has grown from a small, mostly-internal thing, to an incredible and deep conference with an amazing community vibe. It's now drawing participants and presenters from across Canada, and has a surprising number of international participants as well. [Read More]

Karen Bourrier - teaching in the TI

This is cool. Karen is teaching one of her Victorian literature classes in the Taylor Institute, and redesigned the course to take advantage of the flexible space and collaborative technologies. Awesome. I can't wait to hear more about how it goes (as well as learning from the 20 other instructors and ~2000 students working in the TI this semester, and even more queued up for W2017!) This semester I decided to do something a little different. [Read More]

Collaboration station demo

The Taylor Institute has 5 learning studios, designed for active and collaborative learning. People who are using the space have access to some great technology to support their work, including 37 “collaboration stations” (we really need to come up with a better name for those…). Here's a quick-ish demo of the basic functionality provided by the stations, recorded using the lecture capture system built into the learning studios. Technologies mentioned and/or used in the video: [Read More]

on digital posters at an academic conference

Poster sessions are an important part of any academic conference - providing a way for researchers (including both faculty and students) to share their research in a format that supports describing methods, discussion, and results as well as fostering discussion about the project. Normally, these posters are printed on large format printers, carefully rolled into tubes for travel, and hung from poster boards or walls in a conference venue. It works, but requires the posters to be completed days (or weeks) ahead of time to allow for layout and printing (and any revisions to fix typos or omissions). [Read More]

We're hiring: Taylor Institute Operations Technician

We're looking for a rare combination of technical skills and strength in collaboration and consultation on the use and integration of a wide array of technologies in the new Taylor Institute building. It's going to be an extremely important role, working with everyone in the Taylor Institute, and from across campus, to effectively use the shiny new stuff that's being installed in the building (literally - right now, installation is under way! [Read More]

constructioncam test

Just processed a quick time-lapse test, using the camera 1 that we installed to monitor construction of the new digs. This'll work nicely… Now, to test a few video hosting platforms, to see which one mangles the video the least… ** YouTube version: ** MediaCore version: ** Vimeo version: ** original H.263 .mov file also, holy smokes does YouTube compress video files, even at “HD” quality. yikes. [Read More]

on the new job

To start out the new year, I'm moving to a new position at the University of Calgary. I am now "Manager, Technology Integration Group" in the new Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. That's a mouthful. Basically, I get to work with a great team, building tools to enhance teaching and learning, and supporting instructors and students to integrate these tools effectively. In many ways, it's a formalization of the kinds of things I've been doing in various roles on campus, but with some truly amazing people to work with, and resources to dedicate to the task. [Read More]