on the evolution of video games

I've been playing video games since I started typing them into our Vic=20, from the pages of Compute! Magazine. ASCII-art games, in glorious 22-column resolution. Amazing. Console gaming for me started with Intellivision in 1980. One of my favorite games was Skiing, which was an incredible and exciting ski simulator. It seemed more awesome at the time. Honest. Compare with the latest ski simulator game, Steep, which is in open beta this weekend. [Read More]

Thesis toolbox

I'm almost done. About a month to oral defence. But, here are the tools I used to gather data, process it, whip up visualizations, and write the thesis: Papers (for storing the 598 papers I worked through during the process). ((Used the Mac, iOS and Windows versions, synced via Dropbox (and then gave up on syncing because my library was too fracking big) )) ((the search tool in Papers is awesome. [Read More]

back to FeverËš

I tried switching to Pulp as my RSS reader a couple of weeks ago. The interface was interesting, and it syncs across multiple devices (Mac and iOS) using iCloud, so there's no Google-tracking. Sounded interesting. Worth a shot. Yeah. Well. That didn't work out so well. The iCloud syncing never worked well for me. Not sure if I subscribe to more feeds than it can handle, but there you go. Constant issues with getting feeds and state synced across a couple of computers. [Read More]

more Papers love

I've been slowly working on my MSc research proposal. Still **far** to early to post any of it online, but it's starting to take shape. I'm using [Papers](http://mekentosj.com/papers/) to gather journal articles for reference as I'm working. Today, I added 33 articles to the stack, on top of the 63 I've already gathered. That's not manageable. But Papers has some great tools to help cut through stuff quickly. I can sort the articles by the number of citations they have, which pushes " [Read More]

on censorship in the Apple app store

I've been trying to be a voice of reason when it comes to how Apple operates. I'd rather see them as generally trying to do the right thing, but struggling sometimes with some of the nitty gritty things. Like letting individuals interpret blanket policies for what is and is not acceptable in the app store. I'm fine with Apple deciding that an app is unacceptable if it crashes the iPhone. If it hijacks the cellular network. [Read More]


Cruz is a new webkit-based browser that supports Greasemonkey scripts, plugins, and stuff like integrated tinyurl creation and a full screen mode. It can generate thumbnails for search results on Google, and has a CoverFlow view of search results. Very cool stuff. I think I'll be switching...

Hey! You got Firefox in my Safari! You got Safari in my Firefox! 2 great tastes...

My iDVD is borked

I've got a fully updated copy of iDVD on my MacBook Pro that refuses to cooperate. I can create a project, save it, and burn it to DVD. But, if I decide I want to quit iDVD, it borks the next time I launch it. It gets past "loading themes" and then just hangs. I can nuke my prefs, and get the "new project" dialog, but if I create a project, I get the same thing if I quit. [Read More]

Crossover for MacOSX

Alan posted about the grief he's been having with running Windows on his MacBook Pro. He rarely fires up Windows, but when he does, it's a painful and ugly process. The last recommended updates just hosed his Windows install. Again. But, there's a better way. Crossover for Mac - it's a polished commercial version of the open source Wine tool/library which provides a way to run Windows applications in MacOSX without having to install Windows. [Read More]

Playing with Aperture

I got a copy of Aperture this week, just in time to get to play with the new 1.5 update. I'm really impressed with the application. It blows iPhoto out of the water. I was trying out some of the new features, and thought I'd see if I could tweak one of my favourite photos of Evan to make it "pop" a bit more.  On the left, the original, "in camera" [Read More]