openness and monolithicity

trying to figure out how to describe various options to faculty members. this diagram's been flashing in my head for awhile now. it's rough, but it's a start.

January 21, 2010 · 1 min

Taking Small Pieces for Granted?

I'm wondering (out loud) if I'm guilty of taking the Small Pieces Loosely Joined concept for granted. It's one of those things that can be talked about at length, but isn't really understood until a gulp of SPLJ Kool-Aid has been swallowed and the approach has been tried on. Conceptually, it makes sense to talk about using a set of small, directed, task-oriented tools, each doing what they do best, then integrating the various tools to produce an organic, dynamic system that resembles a custom-designed software platform....

May 14, 2007 · 2 min

Upcoming presentation - (Many, Too Many?) Small Technologies Loosely Joined: Open, Connected, and Social

I was asked a while back if I was interested in giving a presentation to the group. At first, my reaction was "sure, but what on earth would I talk about?" After some thought, an initial plan was to do an updated version of the Small Pieces Loosely Joined presentation I had the pleasure of doing way back in 2004 (with Brian and Alan). What would that have looked like if it was done in 2007?...

April 20, 2007 · 3 min