educational simulations

I've been collecting some links to interesting educational simulations to show faculty members. There's some great stuff out there. The list is NOT comprehensive, and I'm not including LOTS of great simulations. This is just the list I give to faculty members asking about effective educational simulations. Sharkrunners (a Discovery Channel simulation for biology - tracking sharks using real data) Mediated Cultures World Simulator (really cool non-technical geocultural simulation - thanks to Alan Levine for sharing the link to this one! [Read More]

Sharkrunners - Marine Biology Game/Simulation

I've been completely addicted to the Sharkrunners game hosted by The Discovery Channel. It's a promotional/educational tool, aligned with their "Shark Week" sweeps week ratings booster. It uses real shark data to position 6 sharks off the southwest coast of California. You are given a boat (not quite a ship) and a few crew members. You have to plot your course to meet up with the sharks, and decide how to collect data. [Read More]