Introducing Hypercardinator

For some reason, I felt like turning my blog into something reminiscent of Hypercard. Maybe it's nostalgia? Maybe it's a throwback to an era from before the web? Maybe it's an ironic attempt to de-emphasize design over content? Maybe all of those. Anyway. I found this great Chicago-inspired webfont, released under a Creative Commons license by Giles Booth. At first, I just used a local stylesheet to force it to be used on any site, but then I realized I wanted it running on my blog full-time. [Read More]

The Teaching Challenge

The Teaching Challenge is a website built by the team at the Taylor Institute, partially inspired by the DS106 Daily Create. The goal is to provide a platform - scaffolding - to give instructors concrete projects to try in their courses. Projects can range from building some media - make a video - to more complicated things like incorporating active learning. Participants post reflections on what they've tried, how it worked, and share with the community. [Read More]

2016 / 366photos

I just pulled together photos from each day of 2016 - and realized I've been shooting at least one photo per day for a decade now. I didn't think I'd be able to keep doing it, but now can't imagine not doing it. The latest gallery has 366 photos, due to the leap year. My photos have gone through artsy phases, and have pretty much settled into an informal documentary style. [Read More]


This has been a project within the Technology Integration Group for the last several months - redesigning the support website so that it can be more useful to instructors and students who are integrating technology into their teaching and learning. The previous site was nearly a decade old, and had been designed by accretion - full of links, documents, links to documents, etc… but difficult to actually find things that are important. [Read More]

Reclaiming Educational Technology: flexible and open

Episode 3 of Reclaiming Educational Technology, looking at the transition from monolithic vendor-provided enterprise solutions to more flexible and adaptive projects. Some of the segments are also used in episodes 1 and 2, but in order for this to work as a standalone piece, needed to be re-included here as well. When I do a longer supercut version, I'll remove the duplicate clips. Reclaiming Educational Technology - episode 3 from UCalgary Taylor Institute on Vimeo. [Read More]

Reclaiming Educational Technology: the business and politics of edtech

During the Reclaim Hackathon at UMW last week, several of us were talking over food and beverages and realized that we had the opportunity to document the current thinking in the “edtech scene”. It's something that we hadn't tried to do explicitly before, but we realized that if we don't do it ourselves we'll be left with the narratives pushed by the Big Business of Edtech Venture Capitalâ„¢. So, David Kernohan and I took it on as a project. [Read More]

How do YOU connect online?

I'm taking a graduate level course on Technology & Society, and for my Big Term Assignment, I've decided to try something a little non-traditional. Taking a page out of Alan Levine's great playbook, I'd like to ask people to respond to a simple question: How do YOU connect online? More info is available over on the project website - but the short version is that I need people to respond to the question, however they interpret it, in whatever format they're comfortable responding. [Read More]