CNIE session on campus engagement

I was fortunate to be able to present a session at CNIE 2014, to share some of the campus engagement stuff we did as part of our long LMS replacement project. I tried to stay away from the technology itself, and focus on the engagement process. Full slide deck is available online, and fuller reports describing the engagement and findings are still available online, as well as the GitHub repository of LMS RFP requirements ((but I would strongly recommend that you don't use the full set - this was far too much for everyone, and with enough items, things basically cancel each other out. [Read More]

presentation on visualizing online discourse

I gave a presentation at the University of Calgary's Collaboration for Learning conference today, on some of the visualizations I built as part of my thesis research. I made a point of avoiding talking about the thesis itself, but presented some of the key visualizations of metadata and coding data. I also made a point of only having enough slides to last for no more than half of the allotted time, in order to ensure enough awkward silence to hopefully prompt an active discussion. [Read More]

Canadian Learning Commons conference session on DS106

blurb about the conference via @ppival: On May 7-9, 2012 the University of Calgary hosted the 6th Canadian Learning Commons Conference. The theme of the conference was New Media, New Fluencies and Life Skills Development: Preparing Learners for the 21st Century. I was asked to do a session, and worked up a presentation describing how the DS106 course experience can be framed as a student-centric learning commons, placing the student in the role of teacher (and vice versa). [Read More]

Leslie Reid on team projects in large classes

I had the distinct pleasure of introducing Dr. Leslie Reid this morning, for her presentation "Creating Team Projects that Work in Large Classes: Redesigning a Large Science 'Service' Course" - part of the Teaching & Learning Centre's 10th anniversary series of presentations. She talks about her experience in redesigning a large class (300 students with 13 weeks of lectures) into a format based on group projects (250 students with 6 weeks of lectures and 6 weeks of group work). [Read More]

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Alec posted a link to this a few days ago, and I finally got around to watching the video. It's Professor Michael Wesch's presentation to the Library of Congress, where he talked about the anthropological effects he observed after producing his awesome video essay The Machine is Us/ing Us. The presentation is a fantastic, rich, and deep investigation into the connections and their effects on communication and media. Free up 55 minutes and watch the whole thing. [Read More]

K12 Online - More than cool tools

I had the chance to work on a presentation for the K12 Online 2007 conference. Alan, Brian and I started by thinking of doing an updated "Small Pieces" piece, and we wound up creating a 53 minute video presentation touching on 9 trends in successful online tools, and how they might be used effectively. The trends are, in no real order: embed connect socialize collaborate share remix filter liberate disrupt Here's the presentation, hosted in chunky Google Video transcoded format. [Read More]

Out of Print: session recap

Our Out of Print session went off pretty well (I think) this morning. Jim worked his usual Bavamagic, weaving early American history, WordPress, wikis, and student conversations into a pretty cool demo. Then, I showed some of the OpenContentDIY resource site, and rambled unexplicably for about 25 minutes. From what I remember, I either sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown, or somehow managed to touch on empowerment of students, open content and reuse as a moral imperative, communities (both in content and open source). [Read More]

Canadian eLearning 2007 Video Party: The Movie

Here's the presentation, with the clips and selections Brian and I used during the welcoming reception for the Canadian eLearning 2007 conference on Tuesday. I wound up not recording audio during the presentation, so you'll just have to imagine witty and entertaining banter and intros for each video. Brian was responsible for both the witty and entertaining portions of the presentation. The video selections came to 48 minutes. We were given a 45 minute slot after the welcome reception supper meal. [Read More]

Canadian eLearning 2007 Video Party Playlist

Here's the playlist Brian and I used for our presentation during the Canadian eLearning 2007 conference welcome reception on Tuesday evening. I'll try to compress a version of the presentation with our clip selections (we only showed short clips from many of the videos) but I won't get a chance to do that until the weekend. intro who the hell are we, and what the hell are we doing there? [Read More]

Online Video Party @ Canadian eLearning 2007 Conference

I learned long ago, that when given the opportunity to do anything with Brian, I should jump on it. Doesn't matter where, or what. Just do it. It'll be interesting, or at least fun. Most likely, it'll be both, in spades. I was handed the chance to do something fun with Brian as part of the welcome reception for the Canadian eLearning 2007 Conference in Edmonton next week. It's something new for the conference - entertainment as part of the welcome reception. [Read More]