My vision for Learning Technologies at the UofC

This is where I go out on a bit of a limb, but I think it's important to share this kind of info to see if it's on the right track, too ambitious, or not ambitious enough. Basically, the last year has been one of constant change in learning technologies at the UofC. We changed LMS, from an antique version of Blackboard, to the latest version of Desire2Learn ((that's probably going to wind up as a blog post or two, but later…)). [Read More]

Edtech and campus expansion

From our latest Comprehensive Institutional Plan: There are two initiatives that have the potential to address our access issue and increase enrolment with strategic allocation of new resources. The first is the development of a learning technologies strategy that will include a focus on enabling and enhancing learning experiences through the integration of learning technologies, with the potential to create alternative instructional approaches that allow for a larger on- line presence and admissions (strategy will be developed by June 2014). [Read More]

Calgary Peacetime Disaster Plan

I'd emailed my alderman this summer to ask for a copy of the disaster response plan for Calgary, in light of recent events. I figured it would be a Good Idea™ to give the plan a once-over before a disaster struck, since by then we'd be too busy feasting on the goo in each other's skulls to read the instructions about how to evacuate a city of 1 million people. [Read More]