OER at the University of Calgary

The Pilot Project was announced in March 2017 at UCalgary Open Education Week, with the call for proposals being released in July 2017. Workshops were held for academic staff interested in obtaining an OER grant. In late August 2017, the UCalgary OER research assistant was hired and committee met and decided on the ten pilot project grant recipients. A list of the recipients and details of their projects can be found here. [Read More]

2017-18 Open Educational Resources Grants recipients announced

This is an important project, led by my team in the Taylor Institute (go, Ykje and Samara!). We're all looking forward to seeing what the grant recipients come up with this year. OER grants fall under two streams: "adopt and adapt" and "create." The former category consists of projects in which grant-holders redevelop existing materials for their OERs, whereas the latter involves the inception of an OER from the foundation up. [Read More]

OER Pilot at UCalgary

We threw the switch this morning, launching the OER pilot program. It's a small-scale initiative, intended to support the integration of open textbooks into 10 courses within the 2017/2018 academic year. There are two branches - faculty advocacy, and project implementation. The implementation is being let by my team at the Taylor Institute, working with the University of Calgary's OER Faculty Advocate and his team. We'll be hiring a graduate student to act as a research assistant for the program, who will help coordinate the various projects - hopefully 10 concurrent projects with instructors working with up to 20 undergraduate students to identify good candidate resources for use in a course, which will be reviewed by a graduate student (and the instructor) before being integrated into the course. [Read More]


One of the things I had on my 1-year plan for The New Jobâ„¢ was development of an "Open UCalgary" website, akin to the awesome work done by others (( Open UBC Open BCCampus Open RoyalRoads and many many moreā€¦ )). At the last Teaching & Learning Committee meeting, we were sketching out a revised draft of a memo to faculty members, intended to showcase strategies to reduce costs to students. [Read More]

George Siemens' open letter to Canadian universities

From George's great open letter: I propose that the top 10 Canadian universities convene a meeting to plan a MOOC response that helps us to build our competence in this space. We already have universities devoted to online learning such as Athabasca University (disclaimer: that's where I hang out) and Thompson Rivers. Partner with those systems as design and delivery partners as they have developed the technical infrastructure and pedagogical expertise for online learning. [Read More]