moving my digital notestuff to Notes

I've been using digital notebooks for many, many years. Everything was in Evernote, until it wasn't. Then I used Noteshelf for the great ink. Then I used OneNote for the organization and even better ink. All along, I've kept a series of paper notebooks, which I've found myself using more often in the last couple of years 1. And, our campus IT had been making somewhat-arbitrary changes to configuration involving OneDrive (and therefore OneNote) that made me uncomfortable continuing to keep The Sum of My Digital Notesâ„¢ in one basket that was configured by people with a track record of changing things without consultation 2. [Read More]

on note taking

At [CeLC 2010](, there [was a session on various bits of technologies](, and how McLuhan's 4 laws of media apply to them - what does the technology enhance, retrieve, obsolesce, and reverse? One of the presenters ended up talking about how the ability of profs to post their lectures online - whether through the .ppt files, podcasting, or some other format - made the act of note taking by students obsolete. [Read More]