Reflections on Northern Voice 2008

I'm not going to post a conference recap, and others have beaten me to the punch with eloquent reflections on the event. It's one of those things that sounds like fanaticism - the sense of wonder usually reserved for such things as the TED conference (aside: could you imagine going to that? how many toes would I gladly trade for a TED pass?) But, Northern Voice has become, or has always been, one of those events that help me form my own thinking, and helps to connect that with the awesome stuff that the really great minds (that I am lucky enough to be allowed to tag along with) are doing. [Read More]

on eduglu - part 1: background

EduGlu is a concept that came out of some discussions at Northern Voice 2006 - almost exactly 2 years ago - as a way to make sense of an individual's distributed content in the context of a course. The problem is on one hand very simple - a person publishes a bunch of stuff, and all they need to do is pull it into a course-based resource. On the other hand, it's really quite hard - how can software provide what appears to be a centralized service, based on the decentralized and distributed publishings of the members of a group or community, and honour the flexible and dynamic nature of the various groups and communities to which a person belongs? [Read More]

Mooseward, ho! (i.e., Northern Voice 2008)

I just got my signed travel request approval to cover my pilgrimage to Lotusland for NothernVoice 2008. I mean, I was already planning on going, even if I had to stick the trip on my Visa card, but it's nice to know I can go with blessings :-) The moose is loose! As I've said a few times, this is my one must-attend event. If this is all I get to do in 2008, the year would still be a success. [Read More]

The Moose is Loose

Northern Voice 2008 is now on the calendar - February 22-23, 2008 in Vancouver, at the UBC Main Campus at the palatial Forestry Sciences Building. This is the 4th annual event, and I've had the extreme pleasure to have attended each of the previous 3 years. It is my one must attend event for the year - if the only conference travel I get approved is for NV08, I'll consider the year a success. [Read More]

Northern (Voice) Reflections

Update: Added photos from my Flickr set from Northern Voice. I've been meaning to make the time to put together some reflections on Northern Voice 2007 before the memories start to do that thing that memories do. Life intervened, and so here I am, almost a week afterward, trying to remember with as much clarity as I can muster, the defining moments of NV2007 (for me). First, the openness and generosity of the Lamb/McPhee family continually blows me away. [Read More]

Moose Fever

It sounds like the dreaded Moose Fever has afflicted nearly everyone who attended Northern Voice 2007. Some nasty flu bug got circulated through the cavernous halls of the Forestry building at UBC, infecting everyone there, then being carried across the continent as the attendees returned home. I had my flu shot before Christmas, so I wasn't completely laid out (as many folks apparently were), but it still sucks pretty badly. [Read More]

MooseCamp "More than just a Blog" session

I just finished presenting a session with Jim Groom called "More than just a blog" where we where showing some things we've done with WordPress and Drupal that might be a little outside the box for a pure blogging platform. Jim's done some really amazing and cool things with WPMU at MWU. The session was a total blast for me. It evolved into a pretty lively discussion that wandered around a very wide range of topics - I hope it wasn't too scattered. [Read More]

Dynamic Relationship Mapping for a Defined Set of Websites

I'm sitting in the kitchen here at Casa del Lamb, and we're bashing around some ideas for mashups and cool ways to display data for MooseCamp and Northern Voice. We just had (what I think is) a really cool idea. What if we could take the OPML file from the aggregator (which contains a reference to many/most of the blogs representing the people attending the conference), and run some analysis on that to figure out what the relationships and subgroups are within the larger group of Northern Voice Attendees. [Read More]

Education Sessions at Northern Voice

I just checked the schedule, and I'm going to be part of a panel discussion titled "Social Software for Learning Environments". The other panelists are Chris Lott, Sylvia Currie and Jon Beasley-Murray, with moderation by Brian Lamb. It should be a blast. I've been following Chris and Jon's (and of course Brian's) blogs for a long time now (I'm sorry Sylvia - I don't think I've seen your blog yet, although I've seen your tracks on many of the blogs I read). [Read More]