Small Pieces Loosely Joined

I just realized something... Of the 3 weblogs we had set up for the "Small Pieces Loosely Joined" session at NMC2004, only the "Centralists" weblog is still alive... Hmmm...

September 3, 2004 · 1 min

NMC 2004 Photos

I just posted some pics from our trip to Vancouver and Victoria for the NMC 2004 Summer Conference. View the photos

July 3, 2004 · 1 min

Thank you to Small Pieces contributors!

The NMC 2004 Small Pieces session yesterday went extremely well (I think ;-) ) - it was very chaotic, noisy, confusing, loud, and messy, but I think it was interesting or at least entertaining for all. There was activity on the wiki, some on the weblogs, and some iChatAV video conferences. The Decentralists group wound up too deep in a very compelling discussion to break away for iChatAV. Our discussion turned into one of the most vibrant and engaging experiences I've had in quite a while (thank you Decentralists!...

June 18, 2004 · 1 min

Getting ready for NMC 2004 Road Trip

The Norman family is just about ready for the big trek across the Rockies. We're heading to Vancouver for NMC 2004 Summer Conference, then across to the Island for a few days before returning home. As a result, things are likely going to get quiet(er) around here. I'll likely be blogging something from the NMC 2004 conference, but aside from that, I hope to be completely offline for the week following the conference....

June 17, 2004 · 2 min

Getting Ready for Small Pieces Loosely Joined Session

Well, we're about an hour away from the Small Pieces session at NMC 2004. There has been a surprising amount of interest from people in the hallways, and some actual traffic on the weblog and wiki. My gut tells me this may go exactly one of two ways, either: Raving success Confusing chaotic failure My vote is currently on the first one (I think this is going to be fun for all involved, too), and I'm hoping that the real meat of the session shifts away from the tools themselves and into the somewhat contrived discussion we've tried to set up....

June 17, 2004 · 1 min

Experiments in collaborative weblogs

I'm trying a little experiment over on the Decentralists Weblog for the NMC 2004 Summer Conference. The weblog can be edited via the web, and is password protected. I'm going to try it for a while with a public password, so folks can add/edit content. I'm not crazy. I've backed it up so if things go south I can restore it pretty quickly. Flame-retardant suit is handy, just in case...

June 4, 2004 · 1 min

Small Pieces Loosely Joined - NMC 2004

Alan, Brian and myself are hitting the road again. This time, we'll be presenting at the NMC 2004 Summer Conference in Vancouver (June 16-19, 2004). The topic of this presentation is "Small Pieces Loosely Joined", and it's a session that we hope will be a bit, well, different. It's a hands-on session, with attendees actually playing with (er, using) some of the various tools that are available. The plan is to take the folks in Vancouver, and split them into 3 groups....

June 2, 2004 · 2 min