I also need more blogs

Ben Werdmuller wrote a post this morning on the value of blogs and regular longer-form writing. I 1000% agree with him. You should start a blog, if you don't have one already. There's nothing better for organizing your thoughts and socializing ideas. You don't have to labor for days over a post; blogs are often better when they're off the cuff. Writing in an interface away from the hustle of social media often allows you to express yourself more calmly (I certainly find this to be the case). [Read More]

On living without social media

Well, mostly. I've been mostly without Twitter for a couple of months now. I haven't had a Facebook account for much longer than that. I stopped Instagramming when Facebook bought them. I've deleted the Twitter apps from my devices, and now if I want to check in I have to use the browser. Not having notifications or easy launching of a stream adds a bit of friction. I also have 2-factor authentication enabled, and logout after checking in, so dropping into twitter is deliberately kind of a pain in the ass. [Read More]

getting starred feed items from Newsblur via Python

One of the things I'd come to depend on when using FeverËš was a hand-rolled PHP utility script (cleverly called "Readinator") that grabbed all feed items that I'd starred in FeverËš in the last week and generated a list in Markdown syntax for easy copy/paste into my Week in Reviewâ„¢ posts (it also pulls links that I've added to my Scuttle bookmark server in the last week as well). After moving to Newsblur, my utility script obviously became less useful. [Read More]

rebooting my rss workflow

I've lived with RSS as a major source of information for over a decade. I've been using Shaun Inman's fantastic FeverËš self-hosted reader since 2009 or so. It's been a solid workhorse, and I've built quite a workflow around it. Shaun is refocusing his efforts on software that he uses himself, and is putting FeverËš and Mint out to pasture. That's a hard decision to make, and I admire him for making it. [Read More]