doc searls and accidental lessons

Via doc searls - accidental lessons: reflections on the challenger tragedy I wonder, how has the monetize-attention-with-targeted-ads environment we've wound up in changed how we perceive the world and events around us. If the ISS blew up, it'd be big news, but only until the president tweeted something, or some giant company was caught doing something stupid. Or some president tweeted something stupid. News of major events used to bring people together....

September 16, 2017 · 1 min

Abject Outage: Day 4

We continue our intensive coverage of what has now become known as The Great Abject Outage of Aught Thirteen. It has now been 4 days since Brian Lamb closed down his Internet newsletter, or Webb-Log, leaving only this cryptic message: 509 BANDWIDTH LIMIT EXCEEDED. There was no further explanation. Cryptographic and steganographic analysis of the message have turned up no clues. There is no indication of what is meant by the number "...

February 12, 2013 · 3 min

earth day sucks - piece on The National

I was interviewed yesterday by Reg Sherren for a piece that aired on CBC's The National on Earth Day 2010. It didn't turn out as bad as I feared, but he had me read the blog post he found, and the result sounded a bit stiff and scripted. Still, I think it worked out OK. The bit starring your humble and unqualified blogger starts about 2 minutes into the clip:

April 22, 2010 · 1 min

photo used by CBC News

It's a sad story, but still pretty cool that one of my photos (released under a CC:by license) was used by CBC News. I got a call this afternoon from the reporter asking if they could use the photo. I said of course, and started to explain CC:by, when she commented that she knows about Creative Commons and just likes to notify people when they use photos. So she went above and beyond (she could have just used the Flickr mail feature) and looked up my office phone number to ask me directly....

November 7, 2008 · 1 min

Agents Provocateurs

This week, at the North American Leaders Summit in Montebello, Quebec, 3 undercover police officers pretended to be protesters in an attempt to provoke violent incidents. The entire series of events was captured on video, and shared via YouTube. The cops are the three goons with bandanas over their faces. None of the real protesters wore disguises. One of the cops is carrying a rock. Agent provocateur with a rock in his right hand....

August 23, 2007 · 2 min

Death of a Dictator

I had a long post written up about the execution of Saddam Hussein. I decided at the last minute to not click the "Submit" button. But, my friend Niran wrote up an eloquent post that says it much more clearly. One thing I'd add is this: I'm truly curious about the proportion of the American population that think Saddam was executed as part of the War on Terror™, or to grant democracy in Iraq....

December 31, 2006 · 1 min

Thailand coup, as told by Flickr users

My brother has a house in Phuket, Thailand, so I've been trying to follow news on this week's coup to see what's going on. I had no idea there was an ongoing corruption scandal of that magnitude. It seems unclear whether this coup was a good or bad thing. Some people say it's bad because it's "against democracy" - others say it's good because it gives a chance to reboot a democracy after cleaning out the garbage first....

September 22, 2006 · 1 min

Who's evacuating the Lebanese civilians?

With the big brouhaha about the evacuation of Canadian (and American, and British, and French, etc...) civilians from Lebanon, I think we're all kind of missing the point. There are 50,000 Canadian citizens in Lebanon right now. The Canadian government has had to rent some cruise ships to ferry them to Cyprus and/or Turkey for further evacuation by air. The process is taking longer than many would like, but our people are being transported out of the danger zone....

July 19, 2006 · 2 min

Impeachable Offense

2 words that are now synonymous with "Happy Holidays" - I first read about the uproar over SpyGate via Stephen's NewsTrolls service. Then, I've heard it several times since then on American TV networks. On freaking TV. So, an "elected" president apparently tramples the constitution, giving the nod for government agencies to spy on citizens just in case they might be doing something bad - without the need for judicial review or approval....

December 26, 2005 · 2 min

Global National TV Newscast is Podcasting

Kevin Newman has been mentioning Global National's podcasting project for the last couple of weeks, but I only checked it out on Monday. This could be one of the coolest things to happen to Mass Media and podcasting so far this year. The entire audio portion of the Global National newscast is available via a podcast subscription, with only a minor delay after it goes to air (they do have to encode/publish the audio of the live newscast)....

December 7, 2005 · 2 min