Merlot Presentation Feedback

We've been getting some awesome feedback from those who attended the Syndicating Learning Objects with RSS and Trackback presentation at Merlot2003. I've been told by several people now that it was one of the best presentations of the whole conference (which I find more than a little hard to believe). The audience did seem to perk up to the concepts we were demonstrating, and I think the whole RSS-syndication-of-learning-objects meme is getting some decent traction now....

August 12, 2003 · 1 min

Merlot session notes: Federated Search

Notes from the Federated Search session. Merlot Federated Search Martin Koning Bastiaan Sam Shamseldin Alyssa Lalanne Why? original problem: hard to find/evaluate learning materials emergent problem: number of collections/repositories/communities various ways of addressing the emergent problem - they chose federated search over harvesting 2 issues with harvesting lots of authors - how to get info together? if lots of collections, we could create one "union catalog" with all collections harvested in it, BUT that removes the value added by the individual collections Harvesting would "...

August 7, 2003 · 3 min

Merlot notes: Hybrid Courses & Collaboration

Merlot session notes: Hybrid Courses and Collaboration Hybrid Course Cathy Simpson - Laura Franklin - Northern Virginia Community College Powerpoint online at nvcc a course where a significant portion of the learning activities are moved online, in addition to f2f learning Blended learning advantages integrate out-of-class and in-class activitites promotes self-directed learning presents learning materials in a range of formats (for various learning styles) promotes greater student involvement and engagement flexibility maximize physical resources types of hybrids synchronous f2f with asynchronous online synchronous online (centra) with asynch....

August 7, 2003 · 3 min

Merlot Notes: Tools for transforming curriculum

Notes from Merlot session: Tools for transforming curriculum Laurie Harrison - adaptive technology resource centre, U of T Supporting learner-centric transformation of content needs to personalize: accessibility (disabilities) lack of access to printed material speech or audio visual material note taking class dicsussions Use of adaptive technologies screen readers, magnification, keyboards, voice recognition, text-to-speech Different technologies/clients pda wireless google... background knowledge learning preferences pace and path TILE Project The Inclusive Learning Exchange (TILE) http://www....

August 7, 2003 · 5 min

Merlot session notes: Learning Communities

Merlot session notes from the 2:30 session on Learning Communities. Communities in Merlot go to "communities" tab --> Teaching_and_technology still a little rough, so it's ok that stuff is hard to find. adding resources to support faculty Patricia McGee LOs require standards, collaboration and cooperation NLII - National Learning Infrastructure Initiative LOVCOP - Learning Objects Virtual Community of Practice Learning Objects Survey - developers, repositories, users what are people actually doing, needing?...

August 6, 2003 · 2 min

Merlot EduTech Bloggers Gathering?

Brian mentioned something over lunch, and I think it's a great idea. It seems like there is a Metric Busload of EduTech bloggers here at Merlot. Why not have some kind of get-together? Thursday at lunch? After sessions? Any better time? Any takers?

August 6, 2003 · 1 min

Merlot session notes: Long Distance Collaborations (SFMOMA Pachyderm)

Merlot session notes: Long Distance Collaborations - Connecting to build an Open-Source Authoring Tool Lou Zweier does intros Larry Johnson - NMC Mike Mattson, U of C Kathleen Willbanks - Cal State U. Larry SFMOMA introduced NMC to Pachyderm - a tool to create "visitor experiences" Making Sense of Modern Art --> Search "Making Sense" flash interface generated by Pachyderm authoring tool, from database on back end (learning objects...) interface to show details, relationships, timelines, history, in a way that answers questions streaming QT video pops up in new window from flash interface (not played embedded) Pachyderm based on templates, letting curators to pull content from SFMOMA collection and combine it in a curatorial approach to create presentations template used to compare/contrast learning objects (example: brushstroke techniques of 2 painters, but could be extended to be applied to any topic) Demo of a few templates, content areas....

August 6, 2003 · 3 min

Merlot session notes: Digital Libraries

Merlot session notes from the Digital Libraries sessions. GSDL digital library for K-12 students, teachers, adult learning... Effective Access Web use and textbooks = the 2 most relied upon resources. Resources used for background info, not integrated into the classroom survey for developers Michigan Teacher Network 17,000+ page views per day started in 1998 for Michigan educators analysis of search patterns used by students against their collection (google referrals) Majority of searches are curriculum- or professional-development-related Top search BY FAR was on "...

August 6, 2003 · 3 min

Merlot 2003 Back Channel

I've set up an AIM group chat room for back channel conversation etc... during Merlot 2003. In any AIM client (like iChat or whatever floats your boat) just head to chat room "Merlot2003" I'll also have a Hydra document open for sharing notes on the LAN as I take them (if I take them...) UPDATE Here's the URL for joining the Hydra document if you're not on the LAN. UPDATE 2: Wireless coverage turned out to be spectacularly spotty, at times making WWDC2003 look absolutely flawless....

August 6, 2003 · 1 min

RSS is the talk of Merlot

It's a little freaky. Everyone (and I mean everyone) is talking about RSS here. Merlot apparently even demoed RSS feeds from it's collection (I guess that makes our presentation on Friday rather moot. oh, well...) Garry flew in from Oz, and is going to be showing some cool stuff they're doing with RSS to syndicate stuff all over the place. He's going to be in Calgary on Monday, after the conference, and we'll be talking more then....

August 5, 2003 · 1 min