Ubuntu Server Not Seeing Localhost?

I've been setting up a shared Drupal hosting environment on an Ubuntu Server box, and just about everything is running great. Drupal's running, MysQL is running, and everything feels nice and fast. But, the server can't see itself on the network. It can't even ping itself (via, localhost, or either of the domains pointing to the box). It can ping other boxes, though. It can't curl or wget or lynx any of the sites on itself. [Read More]

On Setting up an Ubuntu Server

For a project I'm involved with, we're setting up a shiny new server to handle hosting of lots (and lots) of Drupal sites in a shared hosting environment. We were able to pick up a decently speced Dell PowerEdge 2950 at a really good price. Dell wanted a tonne of cash to pre-install RedHat on the box. Um, no thanks. So, our friendly neighbourhood colocation provider installed Ubuntu Server on the box for me (I'm about 1000 km from the server, so couldn't actually do the physical install myself). [Read More]

Doom! Doom, I say!

Well, iDoom, anyway. Finally got around to installing iDoom on my 3G iPod, and man, it plays nice. Surprisingly, it's about as snappy as the original game was on the smoking fast 486 DX 66 I played it on back at the Alberta Science Centre...

I was surprised that it doesn't use the scrollwheel to control movement - seems like it would be perfect for steering the little Doomer...


I just checked out the videos of iDoom on various iPods, and man, I need to upgrade to a colour screen version :-)

Ubuntu Linux on an 8600?

Well, I'm kinda stumped. I'm following Brian's lead in playing around with the Ubuntu Linux "live demo" cd - the one that lets you test drive linux on a mac without actually installing it. Worked ok on my Powerbook (albeit rather slowly), but I can't seem to get my old 8600/300 to boot from the disk for the life of me. Searching Ubuntu Linux' documents turns up dead links. Google turns up references to BootX and yaboot (BootX for Old World Macs like mine, yaboot for New World Macs). [Read More]

iPodLinux + TuneTalk

I just dropped the latest version of iPodLinux on my iPod to test out recording at higher sample rates. I cranked it up to 44.1KHz, and the recording from the TuneTalk microphone sounded freaking amazing! I'll have to do some more playing/testing to see how it works for longer recordings (how fast does it suck down the battery? does it still have the high-pitched whine in the background?) But, while I had linux running on the iPod, I poked around at what else is offered. [Read More]
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