Learning Object Repositories 2.0

I (still) spend a fair amount of time thinking about the learning object repositories work that was done back at the turn of the century. A bunch of folks (myself included) took up the task of building software to let people easily publish, describe, share, find (and hopefully use) digital assets or learning objects (assets with a bunch of metadata tacked on the side). I think it's fair to say that the experiments failed pretty dramatically....

June 12, 2007 · 3 min

Oh, good! More metadata specifications!

The problems with the adoption and implementation of the previous versions of the LOM are apparently solved by the addition of more definitions of structured taxonomy-driven authoritative metadata systems. I'm posting this to remind myself to not get sucked into this stuff. It's good that people are thinking about how to improve on the LOM, and even deprecating the term "learning object" (replaced by "resources") but for the love of all that is holy and good, please focus on the content, context, and pedagogy and not on the metadata....

January 30, 2006 · 1 min

Learning Objects: RIP or 1.0?

David Wiley just wrote an excellent post about the "death" of learning objects. He's right on the mark, emphasizing the learning part of the buzzword, while us geeks who were attempting to implement some of the early LO-based software got so woefully distracted by the object and reuse angles. He's also much more articlate than I am, so give his article a read, then come back here. I'll wait. Go ahead....

January 9, 2006 · 4 min

Albert Ip on Learning Objects

Albert totally nails it in his post on the Learning Objects "debate". Basically - get over it. Move along. Do (and use) whatever is appropriate to what you're trying to do. One size does not fit all. Caveat emptor, etc... I especially like his tips for subscribers to "information transfer" vs. "social constructivitistic" paradigms of learning objects (and, I would suggest, of learning in general). But wait! There's more! Albert offers a website/wiki on "...

December 29, 2005 · 2 min

On Reusability (in learning objects)

The XPlanaZine article by Susan Smith Nash appears to have kindled some thoughtful commentary on the blogosphere (on a Saturday, no less). I agree completely with her reservations (as well as those of Darren Cannell). Reusability is pretty much a fallacy, especially when attempted with highly complex "learning objects" like websites, powerpoints, etc... Real reusability becomes more difficult (and less useful) as a resource becomes tailored for any specific context (by adding complexity via structure and content)....

March 12, 2005 · 2 min

XplanaZine: The Problem with Learning Objects

Susan Smith Nash raises some very good points about learning objects - what are they? why would anyone care? how would someone reuse them? CAREO is mentioned specifically, and the concerns with it are entirely valid. It should be noted that CAREO and its ilk are from the first generation of learning object repositories - a necessary step in the evolution of the concept - and we've got some stuff that begins to address many of these concerns (Pachyderm, APOLLO, etc....

March 12, 2005 · 1 min

Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

This sounds interesting... A new dead-trees and online Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects. They've put out the call for papers... Not sure if this will fare better than Pitch did/does, but maybe a dead-trees journal carries more cred with the higher ed. folks? I'd have tossed this to del.icio.us instead of blogging it, but the Del is acting up today...

December 9, 2004 · 1 min

2 Amigos at Educause

I completely forgot about the 2 Amigos at Educause! It was originally a "3 Amigos Production", but that's a long story. Alan and Brian made the trek to Denver, and it sounded like fun of course! The presentation wiki is available as well. Links to other stuff are available via Alan's description of the presentation. This Rip, mix & feed style of dealing with resources (content, learning objects, whatever) is very cool....

October 20, 2004 · 1 min

cogdogblog: flickr object

Alan Levine just created a real, bonafide learning object using Flickr. Alan's description of the resource, and the process, and the learning object itself.

October 11, 2004 · 1 min

Learning Objects as Molecular Compounds

UPDATE: I just re-read this, and it sounded like I was trying to claim I invented this concept of learning objects modeled as molecular compounds. David Wiley was waaaay ahead of me, writing a pivotal paper in 1999 (that's a whole 'nother millenium!) - I was merely attempting to snapshot my thinking along the same lines, especially in light of the recent "learning objects as words in sentences" stuff making the rounds....

October 10, 2004 · 3 min