Blackboard Learn on iPod Touch

I tried the promising new iPhone / iPod Touch app "Blackboard Learning" hoping to have a cool and efficient way to connect to Blackboard from my pocket computer. No such luck. There's always something in the way of making the LMS experience fun... Error Your institution is blocking Sync for the iPhone. Doh. I don't know if this is a version mismatch - are we running the wrong version of Blackboard? [Read More]

there's a theramin in my iPod!

I just found a new Coolest iPod Application. Theramin-ator. A multitouch theramin. On my iPod. Fracking awesome. I just spent the last half an hour playing with it, and it's pretty sweet. Especially once you start getting the hang of the multi-touch controls. You drag a finger (or fingers) around on the "control pad" to simulate moving through the theramin's fields. Horizontal axis is frequency, vertical is volume. Frequency ranges from a skull-rattling 40Hz to a brain-melting 2000Hz. [Read More]

Retro LED Football

Oh, man does this take me back! I spent hour after hour playing the original handheld LED football game - working on my offensive fake-out and hammering the arrow keys into dust.

Now, I can play the game on my iPod Touch. Sure hope I don't put my finger through the touch screen...

WordPress and iPhone / iPod Touch

Now that I've updated to WordPress MultiUser 2.6, the cool new native iPhone and iPod Touch blogging app will work. Just point it to your blog(s), give it login credentials, and you're off and running! What's cool is that now all of my blogs can be managed via my iPod Touch using a native application! For example, I used as the blog address, and gave it my login info. [Read More]

iPod Touch keyboard add-on

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Real keyboard, connected to iPod Touch via USB through iPod Camera Connector accessory."][/caption] I want this. Well, maybe with a slimmer keyboard. Possibly a foldable version of something the size of the Apple Wireless Keyboard (pictured below). Doesn't have to actually BE wireless, though. I'd be FINE with a USB cable, and even with slapping rechargeable batteries in the keyboard to prevent an additional power draw from the iPod Touch. [Read More]

Web-based student response systems (ala clicker?)

I've been looking for something to fill this need for awhile now, but haven't found a decent solution. We've got students coming to class with web-enabled devices (laptops, iPod Touch, iPhone, smart phones, etc...) and it makes sense to take advantage of this stuff wherever possible. Instead of making students buy and lug around yet another piece of gear, I'm looking for an effective way to provide assessment and response functionality via a web browser. [Read More]

16GB just ain't enough

When I got my 16GB iPod Touch, I knew I'd run out of room. I just didn't realize how soon I'd do it. Moving from my previous 30GB iPod Video, I had trimmed my music collection - purging all files of questionable origin - and was able to fit everything quite comfortably within 16GB. But now, with a bunch of TED Talks, some movies, presentations, a schwack of podcasts (I think that's metric. [Read More]

on flash on the iPhone / iPod Touch

There's much wringing of hands about the announcement from Apple that the iPhone (and iPod Touch) would not be getting Flash in the foreseeable future. I'm actually pretty happy that Flash isn't on the way. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Flash website or video as much as the next guy. But try this: on your Mac, open Activity Monitor. Let it process for a few seconds to get a baseline reading. [Read More]

Thoughts on iPod Touch

I've had an iPod Touch for almost a week now, and aside from driving people on Twitter nuts by exclaiming how unbelievably awesome it is, I have some thoughts on how it could be better. Nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure, as anyone who spends time with it will likely come up with a similar list. The short version is that I LOVE it. In an unhealthy way. I haven't been this impressed by a piece of technology since my first Newton MessagePad 120. [Read More]