Bad dialog design

I bought Tetris for my iPod Touch today, but it keeps crashing before I can actually play it. I reported a problem through the App Store, and was rewarded with this gem of a dialog box:

The wonders of transparent menus

MacOSX 10.5 added some bling, possibly to "catch up" with Vista. The transparent menu bar sucks. Completely. Please, someone at Apple, fix this. I've got my desktop picture set to cycle through some of my photographs. Most of the time, it's not a big deal, but occasionally, one comes up that causes my menu bar to look like this: Seriously. Yes, transparency is cool. It's great to show off the power of the UI renderer, etc. [Read More]

Simplifying Moodle's Navigation

We've been using Moodle to build a bunch of courses for our local health region, and it's been technically working pretty well. Some of the feedback we've received about the UI has been less than stellar. For geeks and techies, it's not too bad, but non-technical students get lost easily. Much of the complexity can be managed, but I've been struggling with how to simplify the intra-course navigation system. By default, Moodle gives a previous/JumpTo. [Read More]

Jeff Han on Tactile Interfaces

Jeff Han gave a presentation at last year's TED conference, showing his tactile interface system. Forget mice and keyboards. This is a less-creepy version of Minority Report. Or Star Trek's LCARS interface. I've watched it 3 times today. I want my next computer to work like this. How about a 30" Cinema Display that tilts backward to become a tabletop surface with tactile interface... It's just synchronicity that this video happened to be next in the queue on my iPod this morning, less than 48 hours after the iPhone was demonstrated with its own mini version of this UI. [Read More]