Defining Learning Innovation | Technology and Learning

Several interesting points by Joshua Kim, on the nature of innovation in higher ed. A focus on institutional learning innovation may involve the decision that all new classroom spaces and renovations will result in active learning spaces, with flat floors and moveable furniture. Or it may revolve around an initiative to embed academic librarians with professors throughout the course development, teaching, and redesign process. … One example comes from the world of online learning. [Read More]

like uber, for education

A long, roaming article in The New Yorker on Anthony Levandowski's groundbreaking/questionably-ethical work on self driving cars. This is a guy that used to report to Sebastian Thrun, and it makes me wonder how much of this ethos is already pervasive in Silicon Valley Edtechâ„¢… After bypassing restrictions on how to hire staff, purchase supplies (including hundreds of cars), and safely design and operate self-driving vehicles (resulting in serious injuries and property damage), this whopper gets laid: [Read More]

on enabling innovation to enhance learning

When we work with instructors, there are 3 general groupings, in terms of their comfort level and technology integration and innovation in their courses. Reluctant There is a small group that doesn't use much technology, doesn't integrate much in their teaching, and don't pursue any strategies that would be considered "innovative." From the outside, this group is often labelled as Luddites or dismissed as being laggards, but that is definitely not always the case. [Read More]

brian lamb and jim groom on reclaiming innovation

Having spent the last 2+ years of my life working on the LMS selection, implementation and replacement here at UCalgary, I can relate to this awesome new article on a pretty profound level. My life in educational technology has been almost entirely redefined in relation to the LMS. That's a horrifying realization. This part weighs particularly heavily… The demands of sustaining infrastructure have continued to dominate institutional priorities, and the recent promise of Web 2. [Read More]

innovation and hype

I've been thinking a lot about how to support innovation, and to avoid feedback loops that trigger fads and unjustified hype. I figure the story usually starts with an innovation. Somebody has an idea for a process/product/tool/whatever. A few people try it out. Early adopters. People start getting excited about it. From there, I'm thinking the adoption curve takes roughly 4 different lines: From the initial adoption curve, the line will either: [Read More]