silos of people

I’ve been experimenting with bits of software to take control of my online content. The functionality is all there for me to run my own stuff, without feeding corporate silos. I can post text, images, photos, videos. I can store files and access them from anywhere. Without having to hand my bits over to any company. Except when I want to play with others. To do that, I still need to wade into the silos....

May 24, 2011 · 3 min

on breaking away from hosted silos

This is a long, rambling, incomplete blog post that's been rattling around in my head for a week. I decided to try to just put something in writing to see if I could make it less unclear. Caveat emptor. If people are to manage their own content, forming their digital identities, they need a way to host software and content that doesn't require obscure and detailed technical knowledge. Us early adopters are not normal....

December 29, 2010 · 9 min

Shared items from my feed reader

One of the things I was missing when I switched from Google Reader to FeverËš was a way to share items from my subscriptions. FeverËš didn't have any way to generate a feed of things I saved, so it was kind of a separate silo. But, the most recent version of FeverËš includes a cool new feature to share my Saved items in an RSS feed. Easy peasy. Here's an embedded view of the last 30 saved items, thanks to the magical wondrousness of Feed2JS: (it'll probably bork in the feed, though....

September 10, 2009 · 1 min

on context and identity

I had a discussion with King Chung Huang and Paul Pival this morning, about one of King's current research projects. He's working on the topic of context and identity - what it would mean from both institutional and individual perspectives, if our digital identities and contexts were pulled out of the silos of Blackboard, email, and other isolated and closed systems. What would it mean if every person, group, and place has a URL, which is aware of contexts (institutional, academic, geographical, temporal, etc....

October 21, 2008 · 3 min

Moved to

If you can read this, the move she is done. I'll write more on that later, but hopefully the performance problems this site has been having for almost 2 years will be a thing of the past *touch ethernet*

February 10, 2008 · 1 min

Open Education Course: week 2 reading

Notes for week 2 of David Wiley's Intro to Open Education course at Utah State University, on Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation. I think I'm definitely falling down on the academic rigour of my responses - I should be providing a much deeper response, rather than just barfing out some thoughts and questions. I'll try to pick it up for week 3. ...

September 8, 2007 · 6 min

Script for running Cron on all sites in a shared Drupal instance

After realizing that the sympal_scripts were silently failing to properly call cron.php on sites served from subdirectories on a shared Drupal multisite instance, I rolled up my sleeves to build a script that actually worked. What I've come up with works, but is likely not the cleanest or most efficient way of doing things. But it works. Which is better than the solution I had earlier today. I also took the chance to get more familiar with Ruby....

January 1, 2007 · 2 min

Trouble with cron.php in a Drupal multisite configuration

I'm running a couple of servers full of Drupal sites hosted in a multisite configuration (one copy of Drupal used to host dozens of sites, each with their own sites/sitename directory. I'd been using sympal_scripts to automatically run Drupal's cron.php script for each site in order to keep search indexes up to date and run other routine maintenance functions as expected. It's easy enough to drop a curl http://server/site/curl.php into a crontab, but as you start adding sites to the server, it becomes unwieldy to maintain a current crontab of sites to cron....

December 29, 2006 · 2 min

Domain squatters suck

I've been trying to move domain registration and DNS hosting for from GoDaddy to Dreamhost for a couple of months. It's been a long and frustrating process, involving faxing my driver's license to Arizona to somehow prove I am who I say I am. I just logged into my Dreamhost account to check on the status (still hasn't finalized - they sure did set it up in a hurry, but it takes a looooong time to switch off of GoDaddy)....

October 27, 2006 · 2 min

Dreamhost ups account limits

Woah. Dreamhost is celebrating their 9th birthday, and decided to party by increasing limits on accounts. Account holders now get 200 GB (200 gigabytes - a fifth of a terabyte) of disk space. And 2 TB (2 terabytes) of bandwidth per month. That's insane. Three things must have happened, in order for them to be able to offer this at $7.95/month. bandwidth costs have come waaaay down over the years the cost of hard drive space has come waaaay down over the years almost nobody comes even close to using their full allotment of either It's awesome that Dreamhost is doing this....

October 3, 2006 · 1 min