Brightspace nee Desire2Learn

I've been trying to get my head around the reasoning for the corporate rebranding to Brightspace ((this isn't about the name - personally, I like the new name, and wish they'd used it all along. But the company had built an identity around the previous name for 15 years, and it looks like they decided to throw that all away)) ((and there's the unfortunate acronym. 30 seconds after the announcement, our team had already planned to reserve bs. [Read More]

UGuelph and D2L sitting in a tree

News of a new collaboration between UGuelph and D2L, on a major pedagogy research initiative: The pedagogy research project strives to help schools track and report on learning outcomes across programs over time. Researchers will use D2L's predictive analytics capabilities to document and discover the effectiveness of assessment tools on specific subjects while working with educators to develop a curriculum that results in greater student success. via University of Guelph to Leverage Desire2Learn's Integrated Learning Platform for $6 Million Pedagogy Research Initiative | Desire2Learn Press Release. [Read More]

on creating courses to set up a semester in Desire2Learn

We're in the middle of our Fall 2013 "Pilot" semester - almost 5,000 students are using D2L ((I should start an acronym-based drinking game, except my liver wouldn't survive it)) this semester, with extremely positive feedback from students and instructors. We're now in the process of setting up for the Winter 2014 semester - where 4 faculties will be moving to use Desire2Learn for 100% of their online- and blended courses (and many courses from other faculties thrown in for good measure). [Read More]

all I want from a D2L user activity system dashboard

We're now in the third week of the Fall 2013 Desire2Learn pilot, and I find myself using the Users Statistics page to monitor the status of the environment. It's an extremely coarse way to see if people are having problems (if there's a problem, I'd assume the user count drops to near 0). It's not exactly ideal, though. What I'd love is something closer to what WordPress gives for recent activity, but for active users in the environment. [Read More]

small scale pilot

We're about to launch a "small scale pilot" in Desire2Learn, for the semester that starts Monday. The goal was to keep it small and manageable, because we don't have integration with PeopleSoft for managing enrolment data yet.

Small scale pilot

28 registrar-provided courses, with many sections. 5,181 enrolments for 4,069 participating students (and growing). Small scale… The largest course is just shy of 1,000 students.

Desire2Learn Fusion 2013 notes

Since we're adopting Desire2Learn, the UofC sent a few folks to the annual Desire2Learn Fusion conference - the timing was extremely fortuitous, with the conference starting about a month after we signed the contract. I'd never been to a D2L conference before, so wasn't sure really what to expect. Looking at the conference schedule ahead of time, it looked pretty interesting - and would have many sessions that promised to cover some of the extremely-rapid-deployment adoption cycle we're faced with. [Read More]

on the new LMS

I've been working with people on campus for a long time to try to figure out what we need to do about our campus LMS. My oldest file for the endeavour was created on July 19, 2011. Seriously. Almost 2 years ago. We did a couple rounds of campus engagement ((focus groups, vendor demos, workshops, sandboxes, surveys, etc…)), ran an RFP, and wrote several reports. Provincial politics, budget crises and legal processes intervened, and here we are. [Read More]