Captain Obvious works for Dell's Internet Team

I just went to the Dell website to look something up, and was rewarded by this incredible bit of sleuthery on the part of Dell's crack team of internet designers: Thank you, Captain Obvious. The web designers didn't indicate if my being in Canada somehow altered the behaviour of the website, or if the selections were somehow tuned to my location. Just to brag that they were clever enough to detect where I'm located. [Read More]
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Dell's Media PC is twice as expensive as an iMac

People have said that Macs are more expensive than PCs. Until Apple made the switch to Intel chips, we had to basically eat that, because there was always the Apples-to-oranges comparison. Now that all new Macs are running the same chips that Dell etc. use, it's fair to make direct comparisons. And the result blows me away. Not only are Macs NOT more expensive, they can be cheaper. Much cheaper. Like, half the price cheaper. [Read More]