Using Brightspace's "Terms and Conditions" tool

As a university, we've had two major issues related to the use of the campus learning management system. Sharing of personal information with third party services/companies1 Copyright of materials uploaded to courses, and subsequently downloaded and shared with third parties as per above. Copyright compliance is a pretty big deal at Canadian universities. We needed a way to provide a reminder of university policies, to provide guidance about what is allowed and not allowed, and to document that people have acknowledged these. [Read More]

Introducing the new look for D2L at UCalgary

We're getting ready to roll out the new “Daylight” interface for D2L, which will go live on May 4, 2018. The biggest benefit is a responsive design, which will make the experience on mobile devices much, much better. And, it will also make it more usable through screen readers and other accessibility devices. Also, it's very shiny. I've given versions of this intro many times in committee meetings, and it's time to have a quick video version so we can just email people a link. [Read More]

Redesigning the UCalgary D2L homepage

It seems like a small, unimportant thing, but the D2L homepage is probably the single most important web page for students. While they occasionally use the university website, and periodically use the portal (to sign up for courses and pay fees), D2L is where they spend a substantial chunk of their time as they work through their courses and programs. We'd launched D2L with a news-centric homepage, so that we could easily push notifications and support resources during the transition from Blackboard. [Read More]

winter 2014 d2L activity

Aggregated stats for D2L usage during the Winter 2014 semester (Jan-Apr 2014). Counts number of visits, not pageviews.

W2014 d2l piwik

The first week of January was the ramp-up to the official semester start. Reading week is visible as the slump in February. Kind of trails off as finals approach…

on migrating to desire2learn

So, we're moving to Desire2Learn. Lots of things happening to get us there. Everything is being driven by a timeline leading to the decommissioning of our old LMS on May 31, 2014. Which means, when dealing with academic calendar years, and semester cycles, that we have 3 semesters to get from 0-100% adoption of D2L before we turn off the Blackboard servers. I know. The timeline is kind of crazy. But, it's totally doable. [Read More]