Canadian Learning Commons conference session on DS106

blurb about the conference via @ppival: On May 7-9, 2012 the University of Calgary hosted the 6th Canadian Learning Commons Conference. The theme of the conference was New Media, New Fluencies and Life Skills Development: Preparing Learners for the 21st Century. I was asked to do a session, and worked up a presentation describing how the DS106 course experience can be framed as a student-centric learning commons, placing the student in the role of teacher (and vice versa). [Read More]

Northern Voice 2010

Lots of insanely smart, funny, interesting people at Northern Voice. The conference was just gravy. Also, I got to think through some of my plans with these insanely smart, funny and interesting people, and think I've got a much better handle on both my MSc research proposal, and what I need to do on campus as part of my Day Jobâ„¢. Thursday: Online Community Enthusiasts - put on by BCCampus/SCOPE - an all-day workshop on facilitating/fostering/participating in online communities [Read More]

TEDxYYC - TED comes to Calgary

I just heard about TEDxYYC - an independently organized TED-like event to be held right here in Calgary. This should be awesome. I can't wait. I have no idea how many people will be able to make it. From poking around on the internets, it sounds like it might be held in the Karo warehouse, with room for ~100 folks. Possibly on Jan. 22, 2010. If there's anything I can do to help get TEDxYYC off the ground, count me in. [Read More]

WordCampEd: Vancouver

The WordCampEd Vancouver 2009 website was just moved from a PBWiki site to a shiny new WordPress site. It was odd not using WordPress to power the website for a WordPress-related event, but initially I thought it made more sense to just use a free, low-friction service like PBWiki. But, now we've got a WordPress site, configured to behave kinda wiki-like. Anyone can login (either by creating an account or by using OpenID). [Read More]

on being together

The 3 days in Saskatoon for TLt2008 were absolutely fantastic. It's fun turning into "conference D'Arcy" - the side of me that is ever so slightly less antisocial and reclusive - the side that seems to show up at conferences. Not sure why that is, but it's something I've noticed for years now. Maybe it's the sense of being "away" - one part vacation, one part safe place to let loose. [Read More]

Faculty Technology Days 2008

I was involved with two sessions at this year's Faculty Technology Days conference on campus. The first one was a keynote panel on "Social Networking in the Academy" and the second was "Weblogs as Personal Repositories." Social Networking in the Academy When we were planning the Social Networking panel, we realized that some of the faculty members might not be familiar with social networking, or with some of the aspects or implications of it, so we thought it would be a good idea to start the 2-hour panel session with a brief introduction to the topic so we were all on similar pages. [Read More]

MooseCamp - WordPress and Your Problems Followup

During the MooseCamp session "WordPress and your problems" I promised to look into a few items that we were discussing, and report back to the group. I've finally made some time to dig around, and here's the goods. Nancy White asked some questions about tweaking her WordPress site, and they were all things that sounded really good, but that I didn't know how to implement. Automatically tagging new posts on the WordPress site on del. [Read More]

Reflections on Northern Voice 2008

I'm not going to post a conference recap, and others have beaten me to the punch with eloquent reflections on the event. It's one of those things that sounds like fanaticism - the sense of wonder usually reserved for such things as the TED conference (aside: could you imagine going to that? how many toes would I gladly trade for a TED pass?) But, Northern Voice has become, or has always been, one of those events that help me form my own thinking, and helps to connect that with the awesome stuff that the really great minds (that I am lucky enough to be allowed to tag along with) are doing. [Read More]
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The Moose is Loose

Northern Voice 2008 is now on the calendar - February 22-23, 2008 in Vancouver, at the UBC Main Campus at the palatial Forestry Sciences Building. This is the 4th annual event, and I've had the extreme pleasure to have attended each of the previous 3 years. It is my one must attend event for the year - if the only conference travel I get approved is for NV08, I'll consider the year a success. [Read More]
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