My Edublogs Reading List (now with OPML)

I just updated my copy of Blogbridge to the latest weekly (2.12) and in this version they threw the switch on OPML publishing of folders/guides of feeds. I took a couple of minutes to gather my education-related subscriptions into one guide, and tried publishing it as OPML. D'Arcy's Wild and Wacky Edublogs Reading List It contains 102115 feeds of edubloggy goodness. There are some stale feeds that I just can't bring myself to delete (you know, in case they ever post something). [Read More]

How Blogbridge Makes RSS Reading More Efficient

I've been using Blogbridge for awhile, but I didn't truly appreciate it until I tried to switch to another RSS reader. After I left, I realized I was spending much more time reading my feeds than I was when I was using Blogbridge. After switching back to it, it's like coming home. I'm blasting through my feeds quickly, and "checking in" isn't an onerous process anymore. So, what makes Blogbridge better? [Read More]

Heading back to Blogbridge

After I wrote some thoughts about what I'm looking for in an RSS reader, I realized that the only application that comes close to what I was describing is BlogBridge. It has prioritization of feeds and items via "Starz", and ties into social services (both a custom network for sharing keywords and ratings, and a direct connection to my account). It's got some room for improvement - my biggest beefs are resource hogging and the seeming inability of java apps to open URLs in a browser without bringing it to the front. [Read More]

Changes in Browser and RSS Reader

In yet another flip-flop in my preferences for primary applications, I just switched to Vienna 2 as my RSS/Feed aggregator. It's basically an Open Source clone of NetNewsWire. NNW kinda turned sour for me when it was bought out and the .Mac etc... features got tossed in the trash can. Vienna is a nice app - it's a native Cocoa app, so it runs spanky fast. It uses the SQL Lite database, so it's pretty speedy - and there's a chance I could write something to do something useful with the database if I really wanted to. [Read More]

BlogBridge 2.7 is now a Real Live Application

I've become a huge fan of BlogBridge - it has been the most efficient and powerful rss aggregator I've ever used. But, it kinda sucked because it didn't behave like a native app. I've kind of got a fetish for native apps on MacOSX - apps that behave as expected, look as expected, and do stuff the way they should. Well, BlogBridge 2.7 is now available as an "actual" application! It runs great and looks the way it should. [Read More]

Christmas came early this year

Between Flock and BlogBridge, this whole online-community stuff has completely changed for me in the last 24 hours. BlogBridge: I blew through my RSS feeds this morning so quickly that I thought I had missed most of them. Nope. It's just that much faster to check feeds now, and the items are nicely sorted by my Starz ranking on the feed, so I read the more "interesting" stuff first. Nice. [Read More]

Early thoughts for BlogBridge Improvements

First, BlogBridge is a great app. It works very well, and fits into my RSS workflow better than anything else I've ever used. I can totally see myself using this app for a long, long time. With that in mind, here are some ideas for making it even better... Better MacOSX integration? run as normal app with menubar in system's, and app icon, etc... (as opposed to a generic java app) accept feeds passed by other apps (safari's RSS icon now spawns a fresh copy of BlogBridge, and then does nothing with the result) Perhaps show a different dock icon when there are pending new items to read? [Read More]

LOVING BlogBridge!

It's not perfect, and performance isn't quite at the level of a "native" app (but the java penalty is totally acceptable), but man, is BlogBridge one nice aggregator! It's got the great all-in-one-page combined view, and some great filtering/grouping tools. I'm loving the Starz feature, and tagging feeds. And, it's got a special view for "image" feeds - like my Flickr subscriptions - that looks like a photo album rather than a linear list. [Read More]

New Contender for RSS Reader: BlogBridge

I'm preparing some stuff for a workshop I'm doing on weblogs and RSS next month, and am gathering some links to aggregators I could recommend to the people coming to the workshop. Obviously, Bloglines and Google's RSS reader are good online aggregators, but desktop tools are just plain cooler. I was clicking links on the Wikipedia list of RSS aggregators, and saw BlogBridge - a cross-platform, java-based aggregator designed for " [Read More]