the twitter effect

Rereading Alan's post on his blog hiatus, where he takes a month off of posting on his blog to comment elsewhere, I was struck (as always) by the patterns in activity he described. I decided to take a closer peek at the activity on my own blog - I've been thinking a lot about discourse analysis lately, so it's at least partially non-navel-gazing. Here's the graph for the first few years of life for my blog. [Read More]

content flowing through the blog

I've been messing around with my blog as a hub of stuff, but think I've finally got it working the way I have in mind. I use asides for more-than-twitter but less-than-blog-post entries. I now have exporting daily linkdumps into a Links category. Neither of these 2 things show up on the front page of the blog, nor in the RSS feed. But they ARE archived on the blog, and are searchable. [Read More]
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I've switched themes on my blog. Again. And, once more, I just yanked an off-the-shelf theme and slightly tweaked the CSS to make it do what I want. Before (left), using the excellent Journalist theme, and after (right) using the Magazine Basic theme: They're both good, so why switch? I was messing around with Magazine Basic for a blog at the Teaching & Learning Centre, where we needed a more magazine or newspaper feel to it. [Read More]
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over one million served

I just cracked open the Google Analytics stats for my blog, and was curious to see how much data was available. I had it display all data (going back as far as November 16, 2005, which is apparently when I first started using Analytics). Google has tracked over 1 million page views on my blog. Over 600,000 unique visitors. The scale of that just blows my mind.


blogging has officially jumped the shark

I was just invited to enter an entirely reputable "blog awards" contest, for the low, low entry fee of only $195 - but ACT NOW! The entry fee goes up to $275 in January!

I can't wait to be invited to attend the Nigerian Dead Relatives Blog Directory Awards...

one week with mollom

I switched to mollom for antispam on my blog one week ago, using the wp-mollom plugin. I wanted to give it a week so it'd get a fair shake, and figured anything had to do better than Akismet and SK2 were doing on my blog. There was an initial warming up period for the first couple of days - I didn't realize this, but apparently my blog attracts a particular dialect of spam that is different from what had been seen by mollom before. [Read More]
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Not Really an Edublog

I just took a quick peek at the "Top Posts & Pages" stats for my blog, as calculated by the Stats system. I had it run the numbers for my most popular posts of all time, and was both surprised and dejected. Apparently, this is not an edublog after all. I'm actually not sure what kind of blog this is - my most popular post of all time was a comment on potential political/police entrapment of protestors. [Read More]

new policy on spam

It's my blog, and I get to determine what is spam and what is not. The latest round of human-generated spam is getting past the automated spamblocks because the comments look valid. They're natural language, often on topic, and occasionally even interesting or insightful - or relevant to the post being spammed. I'm using a few WordPress plugins to help ease the pain, but for the love of Xenu, this bullshit should not be necessary. [Read More]
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feedburner feed now deleted

If you can read this, then the FeedBurner feed redirection is working properly. If your feed reader didn't update your subscription automagically, the URL to the main feed for my blog is

Hopefully things won't get confused or lost in the shuffle...

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Seems to have worked, so far. The "Similar Posts" plugin borked, so I had to disable that. Everything else Just Seems To Workâ„¢. So, what's the difference between Categories and Tags now? I used to use Categories as tags. Are they both interfaces to the same table in the database? One way to find out... Update: oh. they're separate things. well, that's silly. so, now all of my old /tag/tagname links that used to point to category pages now point to empty " [Read More]