iPod games draining the battery too fast?

I'm pretty hooked on the new games for the iPod. I've already bought 4 of them, and am trying to hold back from buying the rest. (I know - I should have bought the bundle, but I didn't think I'd want them all...) They're really great implementations, most are likely better than their desktop counterparts due to being better suited to a circular controller. I'm addicted to Zuma. Like a junkie. [Read More]

It's like a brand new iPod, but older.

TruePower iPod Battery for 3G iPod My rating: 5 out of 5 I got a new TruePower battery for my 2.5 year old 3G iPod last week. It took a grand total of 20 minutes to install, and after charging the battery, my iPod is performing better than it did the day I bought it. I've gone entire work-days (including commute to/from the office) with about a third of the battery life left. [Read More]

iPod battery replacement

Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. I've got a whole lot more respect for the Apple hardware designers. The metal back of the case isn't epoxied or glued in place, even though it feels completely solid. There are some locking mechanisms between the edge of the metal and the plastic front of the case, and it just pops off with the special tool (and pops back on with some gentle pressure). [Read More]

iPod Battery is Here

My new FastMac battery for my 3G iPod (a TruePower battery) arrived here today. It was on campus yesterday afternoon, but just missed the on-campus delivery truck. That's amazingly fast delivery from California to Calgary, even adding some time for the package to be opened/searched by Customs at the border. I'll try upgrading my iPod's battery tonight, and will take pics of the process to show what it looks like when a total hardware upgrade amateur tackles it (I've upgraded RAM and hard drives in Powerbooks, but that's about it. [Read More]

FastMac ships to Canada, eh?

I was just chatting with Mike, from FastMac, about that iPod battery failure post I wrote up a while back, and the follow-up attempt to buy a new battery. Apparently, FastMac can ship to Canada for something like $10, express! Other guys charge more than the cost of the battery to ship it up here, but FastMac has a network of Canadian resellers or something, so it's much cheaper. They haven't updated the website with this info yet, so check back with them later to see what the official story is for shipping to Canada. [Read More]

Sonnet iPod Battery

I was just about to finalize the purchase of a shiny new battery for my 3G iPod, when I noticed the shipping charges listed on the Sonnet online store. I'll gladly pay for the battery, but paying $40 US ($10 US more than the cost of the battery in the first place) to have the thing mailed to me is a bit extreme. I'm going to hold off for now, to see if any Canadian stores or companies will be distributing the battery. [Read More]