Lessons learned: living with digital media systems in flexible classrooms

The Taylor Institute's AV systems were designed to be incredibly flexible, able to adapt to changing requirements between (or even during) classes. That meant shifting from hardwired analog systems to fully digital media management to allow for software-controlled mixing and switching of signals. What people assume, when they walk into a classroom, is something basically like this: You show up, plug your laptop in, and it sends stuff to the projector. [Read More]

Lessons learned: AV systems design in the Taylor Institute

We've been in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning's new building for almost a year now, and it's time to step back and reflect on what we've learned through that first year. The building itself is a marvel of architecture, design and technology. We're extremely fortunate to be able to go to work there every day. It's been a constant source of inspiration - not the building, but the amazing things that instructors, students and staff are doing within it, together, on a regular basis. [Read More]